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DIY Terrazzo Restoration Services Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo is a natural stone made up of some marble chips and cement.  Numerous house owners are choosing this kind of stone for their floors. However, this type of floor is sensitive to some cleaners and chemicals. When a wrong solution is applied, it can actually alter colors in the areas that were treated. Terrazzo restoration is generally done by means of special big floor sanders as well as waxing machinery to effectively remove any flaw or damage on the terrazzo floor.

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During the Venetian Period, ancient types of floor were created by stone masons from used chips of marble. They floated marble chips on top of a layer of clay or concrete forming a kind of mosaic. The present terrazzo trend also uses glass chips so that the terrazzo floors appear in many colors. Nevertheless, due to time and years, the terrazzo floors might need some restoration.

Follow the DIY steps for restoring Terrazzo:

Step 1 – Prepare the area. First, you need to prepare the area you plan to restore by removing every object from the floor including: carpet, tiling or wood that have been installed over the years. Utilize a dremel tool to help remove the adhesive. You have to clear furniture and any debris present on the area. Tape and place waterproof covering along the walls that is in contact with the terrazzo floor. Rent a surface grinder including a hose attachment to connect with the tap or you can fill the room to be restored with an inch of water.

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Step 2 – Clean the area. A cemented-base terrazzo floor can be installed with the surface grinder. Turn on the grinder and slowly move it from the surface. Notice that water gets muddy but continue grinding until the entire floor is covered. The vacuum cleaner will remove the muddy water until the surface looks visibly cleaner and the surface looks more detailed. When the result is satisfactory, you can switch the medium grit while making a pass. Use water to clean. Vacuum and repeat the process using a fine grid. To reach tighter places, use the dremel and the angle grinder with attachment.

Step 3 – Patch the voids. Holes left by carpets, nails or screws or carpet are filled with thinly-set mortar. The mortar can be smoothed by the grinder once it is dry.

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Step 4 – Polish the Terrazzo floor. This last step is intended to give the floor the fresh shiny appearance it had when first installed. This time, apply the 800 grit polishing powder to the floor and use the buffer to work it into the terrazzo surface. Multitask as you polish, rinse the surface with water then suck it up with the vacuum. Do the procedure again with the 1500 grit powder followed by 2000 grit. Dry the area with a towel before applying the sealer.

Do it yourself Terrazzo restoration is a great way to save money. However, you have to acquire some skills to get the job done well. If the task is beyond your ability, you can always seek the service of a professional.

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Terrazzo Repair Services Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo Repair Fort Lauderdale

There is a continuing confusion between terrazzo restoration and terrazzo polishing; but actually they are quite different from each other. Today, there are many contractors offering terrazzo restoration services. But they their actual function is only to clean stone floors and making speedy passes over the terrazzo floor with a coarse abrasive diamond and then sealing a few coats in the terrazzo floor. But this kind of job is unsatisfactory and the result does not always last. In fact, this is the approach typically utilized in commercial properties. The purpose is just to earn as the procedure does not last. It has to be done regularly so it follows that the floor has to be often dismantled and recoated to preserve its glossy finish.

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Easy on and off

Consider as process of restoration, this clean-sand-seal technique makes the floor initially clean and bright. After the passage of time, the seal turns yellow and later wears off, showing the rugged texture of the underlying terrazzo.

Trouble underneath 

This condition will eventually cause more problems since the rough terrazzo is permeable that is easy for dirt and stains to penetrate into the stone. This type of restoration is risky since this serves only as a quick fix. They are hiding the defect that is not the right way of restoring terrazzo. These service companies have contractors doing this kind of jobs but not certified so they know nothing about the genuine restoration technique. They are only interested in the payment. Their knowledge is limited that they only know a bit about cracks, stains and pits related to terrazzo.

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Doing it the proper way

Terrazzo Repair Fort Lauderdale professionals who are experienced and highly trained know that the tried and tested process is the best way to do the job. The initial step is to test all the stains found on the terrazzo. Contractors from certified service companies will be able to determine the type of stain and find which combination of chemical and mechanical processes can be used for treatment.

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Grinding and polishing machines

High tech planetary floor specially designed polishing machines will be used to grind the floor. They will set on the floor polisher metal bonded diamond abrasive discs. After grinding, all the cracks and pits on the surface of the terrazzo will be removed. Marble chips and resin I n the same color as the terrazzo will fill the pits. The area pitted with chips and resin will be left to dry solid then ground until it becomes flat. Afterwards, the flooring will be polished. Using the same technique, they will work on the edges using a handheld polisher.

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The resin bonded diamond abrasive discs are used to bring out the highest gloss. The finishing touch will create a mirror shine that is guaranteed to last during the lifetime of the terrazzo.

The cheap and fake terrazzo restoration job can never compete with the work of a reputable terrazzo repair Fort Lauderdale company. The result can last for many years so you are actually saving money.Be sure that you are hiring the right kind of experts.

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Terrazzo Polishing Services Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale

When terrazzo tiles are properly clean and polished, they give every home stunning and elegant look. Terrazzo, as a type of natural stone, is processed with many other concrete materials, sculptured and smoothed on the surface and cut into pieces of blocks. These tiles are ideal materials and could make a beautiful flooring. Aside from that, these stones are also capable of giving an illusion of space making the room look larger. Terrazzo displays a clean and hygienic surrounding. Although terrazzo tiles do not require much maintenance but it needs all the care given compared to other types of tiles. In fact, builders recommend that professional terrazzo polishing Fort Lauderdale be given at least once a year. This is the best way to retain its flooring sheen for a long time.

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Some facts you should know to maintain the beauty of your Terrazzo flooring:

1. Precautions in maintenance

You have to know that high-grade detergents and cleaning materials are damaging to terrazzo tiles. When strong cleaning agents are used, the product will remove all the gloss and luster from the surface of the tile so it will appear dull and soiled. Harsh cleaners wipe off the sealer that makes the surface appear coarse and rough. Once the surface is uneven, continuous foot traffic along the area will add to its roughness resulting to more abrasions and scratches. The most effective and harmless agent for cleaning terrazzo floors is water. To get a better result, use warm water to clean any mark, pigment or stain on the floor. If you opt to use chemicals, buy a cleaning products containing neutral PH. Choose the safest product for your stone type. Water-based sealers are highly recommended for sealing terrazzo tiles. Make it a habit to read always the label of any cleaning product you purchase and follow instructions accurately to avoid problems.

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2. Cleaning procedures

To keep dirt and dust from accumulating, you should dust and sweep the area every day. These particles are carried by foot traffic or dust from the external environment and people entering the house. Use a soft broom for cleaning once or twice a day. Immediately, mop the floor and clean with damp cloth those areas were liquid spills and water drips.

3. Buffing and polishing

Expert floor technicians carry out certain maintenance procedures that include polishing, buffing and sealer application. In the process, they use heavy polishing machines to get an even shine on all corners. Professional cleaning companies invested on high-caliber machines to guarantee that quality service is delivered to their customers. Aside from using expensive equipment, they use special substances in the process of making the floor smooth and glossy.

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Always be properly guided with the correct techniques for caring and maintaining your terrazzo flooring. By following instructions on the label, you are assured that your prized investment will be with you for years and years. Terrazzo tiles are resplendent when they are always cleaned and polished. Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale must be performed by professional cleaners to get the best result. It is only a professional who can keep these tiles in their best condition.

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Terrazzo Cleaning Services Ft Lauderdale

Terrazzo Cleaning

Terrazzo cleaning is the best way to maintain your mosaic floor’s great looks and lustrous shine. There are many ways you can take care of your precious and beautiful terrazzo. Clean it as often as possible to keep all the dirt off the surface. Dirt can damage the floor because it acts like sandpaper when they are collected. Stick to neutral floor cleaners as acidic or alkaline cleaners can stain or damage the terrazzo. Use a terrazzo cleaner to get the best results. You cannot use all-purpose cleaners, detergents, wax removers and soaps on terrazzo because they all contain alkali. Remember to follow the usage instructions. When you are faced with hard-to-remove soil, use a scrubbing machine with a stronger neutral cleaner solution.

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It is worth noting that dusting or sweeping daily will make weekly cleaning easier and the floor will be even more beautiful. Just make sure that there is no oil on the mop or on the sweeping compound. Oil has the capability to penetrate the sealer or surface and cause stains on terrazzo. Clean up spills immediately to avoid staining. Although terrazzo can be stain-resistant when it has been sealed properly, stains are unavoidable and can still occur.

To treat stains, you first have to consider the cause and how it can removed without causing any harm to the terrazzo. As much as possible, avoid using chemicals to remove the stain. They may work great on stains but these chemicals could cause damage to the terrazzo. The mode of action of stain removers has to be discussed. They can dissolve the stain-causing substance, absorb the stain, or bleach the stain.

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Bleach-based cleaners like hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, vinegar/acetic acid, and household ammonia discolor stains. Absorbents such as cotton, blotting paper, talcum powder and chalk absorb moist stains and fresh grease. Solvents like carbon tetrachloride can dissolve lipstick, gum and grease. When handling chemicals, remember to make safety the priority and read the label before using them.

Cleaning terrazzo floors can be done by anyone. This is why terrazzo is very popular; it is not only because it is a more practical and wiser choice as a floor but also because it is much easier to maintain than other types like hardwood or carpeting. It can be kept as beautiful as it did when it was just installed, without so much trouble.

If you want to keep your terrazzo shiny, clean and looking new and want that look to last a lifetime or two, hire a professional terrazzo cleaning company. This way, you will get the ultimate results every time. With these experts, there is no need to worry about stains and other terrazzo problems. They know exactly what to do with the dirt, soil or stain on your floor. They provide high level cleaning with attention to detail and the right products. Hiring pros means having to shell out some cash, but when you think about protecting your investment and after seeing the results, you will see that it is worth every cent.

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Palm Beach Terrazzo Polishing: Few Tips to Know

Terrazzo is a beautiful stone and having them polished is basically the most wonderful asset in anyone’s home. In this case, it is very important to keep them polished. Cleaning the terrazzo is an easy job and there are some simple ways to do that. However, big damages need a professional treatment.

There are any advantages of having terrazzo installed in any part of your home. It beautifies floor, walls and countertops. In case you are looking for a professional terrazzo restoration company, it is very important to be picky. Hire a company who is reliable and you will feel comfortable working with.

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First of all, determine the area or the size of the damages. Identify if the condition of the terrazzo is severe or not. Typically, both the level of the damages as well as the size will help a lot in solving terrazzo problems. Depending on the damages, terrazzo will be treated differently. You can certainly find numerous companies around you but it is also important to keep yourself educated when it comes to polishing dull terrazzo.

Whatever treatment or procedure you are going to do with your terrazzo at home, the very step here is to ensure the cleanliness of the terrazzo surfaces. Make the area full clean and free from any dirt or small substances. Any small substances can be carried out while cleaning the terrazzo thus could cause scratches on the stone.

Keep the terrazzo polished and clean all the time because for many people it reflects the personality and characteristics of the owner. But some terrazzo as years go by, it extremely loses its shine and luster then the scratches became visible. Hence, this is the right time to contact a professional company for services and assistance.

Terrazzo cleaning and polishing is basically widespread. Moreover, in the market there are also several huge selections of kits and not to mention latest techniques that can be learned.

Keep in mind that it is very important to work with the best and modern terrazzo polishing company. Choose a company who can provide latest and effective techniques to save your terrazzo at home. The best terrazzo restoration company can surely employ the latest and modern techniques in treating terrazzo. Once the terrazzo cleaning is finished, it has to be polished well. Terrazzo polishing is needed to achieve the top shine of the terrazzo.

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Simple Cleaning Tips for Terrazzo in Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo is basically a natural combination of marble chips as well as cement. This kind of stone also comes in different lovely colors and unique designs. However, as much as possible, terrazzo should be treated properly to prevent it from damages. As the house owner, it is very important for you to be educated in understanding what is safe for your terrazzo at home. Not only for the terrazzo but also safe for the environment.

If you choose to handle dull terrazzo alone, you can use a product but choose the safest and as much as possible the eco-friendly product. In case you are not familiar with product you are going to use, it is best to seek professional assistance. You can call a local company or better yet visit their office and speak with their experts. Keep in mind that not all product is suitable for all types of terrazzo. Of course, you do not want another problem after cleaning the terrazzo at home. Wrong solution could certainly discoloured the surfaces of the terrazzo.

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Generally, the best answer to dull marbles at home is to have it cleaned and then polished in a professional way. Moreover, you can ever go wrong in hiring the professionals instead of using do-it-yourself kits. Sometimes, even if you use a product several times still it will not do too much for your terrazzo. It could still appear dull and yellowed. Yes, cleaning and polishing are the best ways to keep the terrazzo beautiful and attractive but wrong approach could only give negative result. Thus, it is absolutely an eco-friendly procedure.

Today, polishing the terrazzo no need more chemicals but with more specialized tools and machine. The professionals can provide excellent services when it comes to treating your precious terrazzo.

On the other hand, for simple prevention tips to keep your terrazzo protected and beautiful; simply avoid contact to any liquid. When a spill just happened, be sure to remove the moisture right away. Do not allow acid to fell on the terrazzo because acid is strong chemical that can seriously damage the terrazzo.

Keep in mind that, a cleaned and polished terrazzo floor will really bring elegance to your home because of its smooth and sparking surface. Therefore, no matter what happen, terrazzo cleaning and polishing is very important for it.

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DIY Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Tips

A well known type of flooring, Terrazzo comes in various beautiful designs and color schemes.  Most Terrazzo floors are composed of bits of marbles firmly set on a bed of cement. Granite tiles are also often used in Terrazzo floors. To hold them in place, installers use epoxy-based binders and pour sealers to close holes and pores, preventing water seepage that can destroy the foundation of the floor.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning is a task all homeowners with Terrazzo floors have to take seriously. This kind of floor can last a long time, but just like other floors they can be stained.  Alcoholic drinks, coffee, blood, ink, urine, grease or oil can leave ugly traces on binders and surfaces. Terrazzo binders, particularly, being porous, are susceptible to stains. Here are some causes of stains and how you can remove them.

  • Alcoholic drinks

You can remove stain left by alcoholic drinks by applying a soapy hot water. If this does not work, dab with denatured alcohol. If this still fails to remove the stain, try placing a spongy cloth saturated with hydrogen peroxide over the stain. For additional measure, you can put a cloth soaked with ammonia on top of the hydrogen saturated cloth.

  • Blood stains

Ordinary tap water should be enough to remove blood stains. But if this fails, you can reinforce the water with several drops of ammonia. When stains prove to be more stubborn, you can use warm water and powdered malt.  Wait an hour before rinsing the affected area.

  • Coffee Stains

Coffee stains cling tenaciously on Terrazzo tiles. One Terrazzo floor cleaning solution for removing coffee stains that is often recommended is a mixture of three quarters of water and one quarter of glycerin.  To apply this solution, you wet the cloth and put it on top of the coffee stains. Do not remove the cloth until it has fully absorbed or has softened the stains.

  • Grease and oil

To remove grease and oil, make use of warm water and liquid detergent.  A degreasing substance that you can buy in stores is a good alternative. You can also use any of these solutions for removing paint.

  • Ink

You can use the solution for removing oil and grease to get rid of fresh ink stains. For stains that have been on the Terrazzo for a much longer time, the solution recommended is 2 tbsp. of sodium perborate mixed with one pint of water. You whip this mixture until it turns into a paste, then, apply the paste over the ink stains.

  • Urine

Urine stains are particularly irritating because they also emit unpleasant smell. The best solution for removing them is a mixture of hot water and abrasive powder.  When this fails, you can try applying hydrogen peroxide over the urine stains, followed by ammonia.  Use a clean absorbent cloth to apply the substances.

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Professional Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

The above mentioned tips would surely help in cleaning your Terrazzo floors.  But let’s face it! There are unsightly stains that couldn’t be removed easily, thus requiring the help of Terrazzo Floor Cleaning specialists. So here we are, ready to help you.

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How To Hire Professionals For Terrazzo Floor Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Hiring a Terrazzo Floor Restoration Expert

Terrazzo walls and flooring are very stylish. They are very durable which possess flexibility that could match the colors and designs of your furniture. The style could be ancient (having originated in the 15th century) but could fit the taste of contemporary homeowners and businessmen as well.  So, it is only wise to partner with the best Terrazzo Floor Restoration Company especially when the need arises.

When to Restore

terrazzo-restoration-ft-lauderdale01 (9)

If your home has a Terrazzo floor installed, you’re probably aware that it has to be cleaned appropriately and regularly.  Of course, all floors of whatever materials need to receive similar care or they would be more susceptible to wear and tear. And these would surely require untimely repairs or restorations. In the case of Terrazzo floor, simple mopping with clean cloth and water is sufficient, ensuring to maintain the original appearance for a long time.

On the other hand, no matter how durable your Terrazzo floor is, it will soon experience fading. Additionally, the tiles will crack and the adhesives will lose their potency, leading to dislodged and loosened tiles.  You might be thinking of doing the Terrazzo floor restoration on your own, but you better not. It’s a job that only an expert company can do properly, like us.

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Who should do the job?

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Given that many companies are ready to do the cleaning and restoration work,  the problem is some of them are not actually knowledgeable enough about Terrazzo floors or do not have the appropriate equipment and method to perform a reliable Terrazzo floor restoration job. In the unfortunate event you engage the services of one of these companies; chances are you will be wasting money.

We can be of help!

Whatever damages your Terrazzo floor has, we know exactly how to restore your floor back to its former state or even better. We have reasonable quotes for your restoration needs. We’ll strip floors of damaged tiles or stones, polish the tiles to remove rough edges, remove the stains caused by spills and heavy foot traffic and dye them. They will look like brand new when we put them back. We will replace tiles or stones that can no longer be repaired with pieces exactly the same as the original to ensure the floors retain their uniform appearance.

Maintaining Longevity

Terrazzo floor restoration is not effective even if it leaves your floor shiny and smooth, but does nothing to address the problems that affect its integrity. We will strengthen your floor by improving its density or through other proven means utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment.

We believe in keeping your home safe, so we only use environmentally friendly solutions and materials. Abrasive and toxic chemicals definitely have no place in our varied range of restoring techniques.

Contact us

For whatever issue you have with your Terrazzo floor, we’ll always be happy to be of service. For nearly 3 decades, we have been in the business of Terrazzo installation, cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration. To find more information about our service you can call us.


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Few Tips For Terrazzo Floor Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo Floor Repair from a Credible Company

Presently, more people want their floors to be made of Terrazzo. This type of floor has become a favorite among stylish household owners because of its attractive and sturdy features. On the other hand, despite its robust characteristic, this floor is still prone to damage thus needing Terrazzo Floor Repair.

There are many causes of Terrazzo floor damage and these include poor installation, neglect, age, and pressure from excessive loads and faulty remodeling. Damages caused by accumulated dust or dirt usually just require cleaning, but those resulting from any of the above causes require extensive Terrazzo floor repair.

terrazzo-restoration (37) terrazzo-restoration (35) terrazzo-restoration (25)

Handling damaged Terrazzo Floors

Many people treat chips, holes and cracks indifferently, content with just covering them with a rug or linoleum.  This is rather unfortunate because it won’t take a long time for the tiny holes and cracks to become bigger and eventually affecting the structural integrity of the entire floor.  Later, these people would be spending a lot on major repairs and restorations and regret their careless neglect. Some households may show a bit more concern and repair the damages with caulk, acrylic cement, or joint compound; a much better attitude than ignoring damages.

The best way to handle Terrazzo floor damages is to allow an expert repair company like us to assess the extent of damages. Did you know that along with the cracks, holes or chips, there might be even more serious damages that your eyes couldn’t see?  Experts like us have ways of determining whether the damages are serious or not.

Terrazzo-Floor-Restoration-Service (8)

One thing you would appreciate with specialists like us is how we approach Terrazzo floor repair with two objectives in mind.

First, we’ll make sure that your floor recovers to its former elegance and beauty.

Second, we make ways to achieve the maintenance of durable flooring.  With these objectives, you can expect that experts like us to be completely thorough in our assessments of damages.

terrazzo-restoration (32) terrazzo-restoration (30) terrazzo-restoration (24)

 The Plus Sides of Hiring an Expert

Experts like us at Terrazzo Restoration have developed unique processes of repairs intended to solve specific damages. We have the expertise to providing solutions to every known floor damages, whether it is minor or not. Besides the pleasure of seeing your Terrazzo floor like it’s newly installed, there is another benefit of engaging a professional Terrazzo floor repair job nowYou get to save an enormous amount of money that eventually you have to spend when the damages can no longer be ignored.

One thing you have to be careful with is the company you would hire for the repair job. Obviously, all Terrazzo care providers would be unabashed in presenting themselves as the best experts.  You have to do some background checking which should be easy enough. After all, there are a lot of homes with Terrazzo floors. You can ask some of the owners.

So far, our company has made a name when it comes to Terrazzo care. We’ve been operating since 1986 and had been known for credibility, promptness and exceptional work. To know more about our services, you can call on Below Phone No.

Terrazzo Restoration

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Expert Terrazzo Restoration in The South Florida Area

Terrazzo restoration is what our company does best. Established in 1986 Colonial Floor Care has been doing expert terrazzo restoration in the South Florida area, the company service Jupiter all the way down to south Miami. Because of the demand for Colonials expertise they have four crews that work full time and there is never a down time for a lack of projects to be done. Typically there is a two to three week back log of work to be done. If you should need terrazzo restoration work done in your home colonial should be the first call you make. Colonial has a crew that is always doing work on South Beach’s famous art deco district. Recently I was asking why he choose to have South Beach as his territory, he told me to open my eyes and look around at all the beauty. The architecture the people and of course the artist use of terrazzo flooring.


During the twenty and thirties when Miami beach was being developed theta architects where designing beautiful lobby designs using multi color terrazzo cement and chip. Today these terrazzo floors are considered historic treasure by Miami Beach historical society. It is actually a crime to cover them up and lucky for Colonial that this code is strongly enforced. Terrazzo floors in South beach is iconic as the wonderful looking buildings that make up beautiful South Beach. The next time you are down in South Beach take notice to there floors in that old building you will be amazed at the wonderful designs that are in these fine hotels.

Terrazzo Restoration

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Easily Find Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale

If you are new to south Florida you are probably starting to notice a certain type of flooring that are installed in older home. It’s called terrazzo, it is the type of flooring mostly used in commercial space because of its ease of maintenance and the fact that there aren’t any grout lines that collect dirt and grim that can possible make the floor look dirty.

Terrazzo flooring isn’t installed in Florida homes much anymore. It is very labor intensive to install so when carpet became very popular in the 70′s developers choice carpeting instead. Also, at the same time Florida homeowners where getting tired of there terrazzo floors. In that old days when terrazzo was installed the floor would we granddad down flat using very heavy machinery. At a certain point the installer would put down sealer to get the floor to become a high shine floor. Sealers and wax will turn yellow over time. So these old terrazzo floors looked dirty and people wanted change so they started putting carpet and tile over them. Luckily for the homeowner that is buying an older home that has dated looking tile floors because when the tile was put on top of the terrazzo 90% or greater didn’t acid etch the floor before putting the mortar on the floor to put the tile on.  So these tiles easily come off the floors. This is one of the reason people are thinking of buying an older home and just restoring the terrazzo floor so they can have a home with no grout lines.


if you discover your terrazzo has hundred of holes along the baseboard don’t let that discourage you from doing Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale. The process of terrazzo restoration is to match the base color of the floor then put the proper chips in the base color and then sand it down so you can barley notice that there was ever any holes. In Ft Lauderdale area colonial floor care in the the company to turn to for master terrazzo restoration. Colonial Floor care even services the Miami/ Dade area.

Call Terrazzo Restoration.net today for a free Estimate.

Terrazzo Polishing

Terrazzo Restoration