Expert Terrazzo Restoration in The South Florida Area

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Terrazzo restoration is what our company does best. Established in 1986 Colonial Floor Care has been doing expert terrazzo restoration in the South Florida area, the company service Jupiter all the way down to south Miami. Because of the demand for Colonials expertise they have four crews that work full time and there is never a down time for a lack of projects to be done. Typically there is a two to three week back log of work to be done. If you should need terrazzo restoration work done in your home colonial should be the first call you make. Colonial has a crew that is always doing work on South Beach’s famous art deco district. Recently I was asking why he choose to have South Beach as his territory, he told me to open my eyes and look around at all the beauty. The architecture the people and of course the artist use of terrazzo flooring.


During the twenty and thirties when Miami beach was being developed theta architects where designing beautiful lobby designs using multi color terrazzo cement and chip. Today these terrazzo floors are considered historic treasure by Miami Beach historical society. It is actually a crime to cover them up and lucky for Colonial that this code is strongly enforced. Terrazzo floors in South beach is iconic as the wonderful looking buildings that make up beautiful South Beach. The next time you are down in South Beach take notice to there floors in that old building you will be amazed at the wonderful designs that are in these fine hotels.

Terrazzo Restoration