How To Hire Professionals For Terrazzo Floor Restoration Fort Lauderdale

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Hiring a Terrazzo Floor Restoration Expert

Terrazzo walls and flooring are very stylish. They are very durable which possess flexibility that could match the colors and designs of your furniture. The style could be ancient (having originated in the 15th century) but could fit the taste of contemporary homeowners and businessmen as well.  So, it is only wise to partner with the best Terrazzo Floor Restoration Company especially when the need arises.

When to Restore

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If your home has a Terrazzo floor installed, you’re probably aware that it has to be cleaned appropriately and regularly.  Of course, all floors of whatever materials need to receive similar care or they would be more susceptible to wear and tear. And these would surely require untimely repairs or restorations. In the case of Terrazzo floor, simple mopping with clean cloth and water is sufficient, ensuring to maintain the original appearance for a long time.

On the other hand, no matter how durable your Terrazzo floor is, it will soon experience fading. Additionally, the tiles will crack and the adhesives will lose their potency, leading to dislodged and loosened tiles.  You might be thinking of doing the Terrazzo floor restoration on your own, but you better not. It’s a job that only an expert company can do properly, like us.

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Who should do the job?

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Given that many companies are ready to do the cleaning and restoration work,  the problem is some of them are not actually knowledgeable enough about Terrazzo floors or do not have the appropriate equipment and method to perform a reliable Terrazzo floor restoration job. In the unfortunate event you engage the services of one of these companies; chances are you will be wasting money.

We can be of help!

Whatever damages your Terrazzo floor has, we know exactly how to restore your floor back to its former state or even better. We have reasonable quotes for your restoration needs. We’ll strip floors of damaged tiles or stones, polish the tiles to remove rough edges, remove the stains caused by spills and heavy foot traffic and dye them. They will look like brand new when we put them back. We will replace tiles or stones that can no longer be repaired with pieces exactly the same as the original to ensure the floors retain their uniform appearance.

Maintaining Longevity

Terrazzo floor restoration is not effective even if it leaves your floor shiny and smooth, but does nothing to address the problems that affect its integrity. We will strengthen your floor by improving its density or through other proven means utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment.

We believe in keeping your home safe, so we only use environmentally friendly solutions and materials. Abrasive and toxic chemicals definitely have no place in our varied range of restoring techniques.

Contact us

For whatever issue you have with your Terrazzo floor, we’ll always be happy to be of service. For nearly 3 decades, we have been in the business of Terrazzo installation, cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration. To find more information about our service you can call us.