DIY Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Tips

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A well known type of flooring, Terrazzo comes in various beautiful designs and color schemes.  Most Terrazzo floors are composed of bits of marbles firmly set on a bed of cement. Granite tiles are also often used in Terrazzo floors. To hold them in place, installers use epoxy-based binders and pour sealers to close holes and pores, preventing water seepage that can destroy the foundation of the floor.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning is a task all homeowners with Terrazzo floors have to take seriously. This kind of floor can last a long time, but just like other floors they can be stained.  Alcoholic drinks, coffee, blood, ink, urine, grease or oil can leave ugly traces on binders and surfaces. Terrazzo binders, particularly, being porous, are susceptible to stains. Here are some causes of stains and how you can remove them.

  • Alcoholic drinks

You can remove stain left by alcoholic drinks by applying a soapy hot water. If this does not work, dab with denatured alcohol. If this still fails to remove the stain, try placing a spongy cloth saturated with hydrogen peroxide over the stain. For additional measure, you can put a cloth soaked with ammonia on top of the hydrogen saturated cloth.

  • Blood stains

Ordinary tap water should be enough to remove blood stains. But if this fails, you can reinforce the water with several drops of ammonia. When stains prove to be more stubborn, you can use warm water and powdered malt.  Wait an hour before rinsing the affected area.

  • Coffee Stains

Coffee stains cling tenaciously on Terrazzo tiles. One Terrazzo floor cleaning solution for removing coffee stains that is often recommended is a mixture of three quarters of water and one quarter of glycerin.  To apply this solution, you wet the cloth and put it on top of the coffee stains. Do not remove the cloth until it has fully absorbed or has softened the stains.

  • Grease and oil

To remove grease and oil, make use of warm water and liquid detergent.  A degreasing substance that you can buy in stores is a good alternative. You can also use any of these solutions for removing paint.

  • Ink

You can use the solution for removing oil and grease to get rid of fresh ink stains. For stains that have been on the Terrazzo for a much longer time, the solution recommended is 2 tbsp. of sodium perborate mixed with one pint of water. You whip this mixture until it turns into a paste, then, apply the paste over the ink stains.

  • Urine

Urine stains are particularly irritating because they also emit unpleasant smell. The best solution for removing them is a mixture of hot water and abrasive powder.  When this fails, you can try applying hydrogen peroxide over the urine stains, followed by ammonia.  Use a clean absorbent cloth to apply the substances.

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Professional Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

The above mentioned tips would surely help in cleaning your Terrazzo floors.  But let’s face it! There are unsightly stains that couldn’t be removed easily, thus requiring the help of Terrazzo Floor Cleaning specialists. So here we are, ready to help you.