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Terrazzo Repair Fort Lauderdale

There is a continuing confusion between terrazzo restoration and terrazzo polishing; but actually they are quite different from each other. Today, there are many contractors offering terrazzo restoration services. But they their actual function is only to clean stone floors and making speedy passes over the terrazzo floor with a coarse abrasive diamond and then sealing a few coats in the terrazzo floor. But this kind of job is unsatisfactory and the result does not always last. In fact, this is the approach typically utilized in commercial properties. The purpose is just to earn as the procedure does not last. It has to be done regularly so it follows that the floor has to be often dismantled and recoated to preserve its glossy finish.

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Easy on and off

Consider as process of restoration, this clean-sand-seal technique makes the floor initially clean and bright. After the passage of time, the seal turns yellow and later wears off, showing the rugged texture of the underlying terrazzo.

Trouble underneath 

This condition will eventually cause more problems since the rough terrazzo is permeable that is easy for dirt and stains to penetrate into the stone. This type of restoration is risky since this serves only as a quick fix. They are hiding the defect that is not the right way of restoring terrazzo. These service companies have contractors doing this kind of jobs but not certified so they know nothing about the genuine restoration technique. They are only interested in the payment. Their knowledge is limited that they only know a bit about cracks, stains and pits related to terrazzo.

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Doing it the proper way

Terrazzo Repair Fort Lauderdale professionals who are experienced and highly trained know that the tried and tested process is the best way to do the job. The initial step is to test all the stains found on the terrazzo. Contractors from certified service companies will be able to determine the type of stain and find which combination of chemical and mechanical processes can be used for treatment.

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Grinding and polishing machines

High tech planetary floor specially designed polishing machines will be used to grind the floor. They will set on the floor polisher metal bonded diamond abrasive discs. After grinding, all the cracks and pits on the surface of the terrazzo will be removed. Marble chips and resin I n the same color as the terrazzo will fill the pits. The area pitted with chips and resin will be left to dry solid then ground until it becomes flat. Afterwards, the flooring will be polished. Using the same technique, they will work on the edges using a handheld polisher.

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The resin bonded diamond abrasive discs are used to bring out the highest gloss. The finishing touch will create a mirror shine that is guaranteed to last during the lifetime of the terrazzo.

The cheap and fake terrazzo restoration job can never compete with the work of a reputable terrazzo repair Fort Lauderdale company. The result can last for many years so you are actually saving money.Be sure that you are hiring the right kind of experts.