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What is Terrazzo?

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This is a pumpkin carved in the Mid-Century Modern style !

Happy Halloween!

Today we will discuss the origin and nature of Terrazzo. The production and art of terrazzo began in Venice, Italy in the 1500’s. At that time, wealthy people had elaborate homes, just as they do today. Marble and granite were highly desirable to the wealthy as embellishments for their home, and indeed, public spaces. After the marble and granite were chiseled to fit their place in the homes of the wealthy, construction workers collected the marble and granite chips left behind. They used these chips to make Continue reading “What is Terrazzo?” »


Recycling at Home 954-566-4555

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Today we will discuss part 3 of our 4 part series, recycling at home.

Recycling at Home

Step 1 : Look for your rechargeables

If it’s rechargeable, it’s recyclable. Look for used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones in your home that are dead or not being used any longer. Rechargeable batteries can be found in cordless electronic products that you plug in to get recharged. Use this handy tool to help find them all! Continue reading “Recycling at Home 954-566-4555” »


Recycling at Work 954-566-4555

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Welcome to Part 2 of our four part series on recycling. We are taking you through the outstanding program recommendations of Call2Recycle, an organization offering invaluable information and action services aimed at the efficient recycling of batteries and cell phones. Today we will discuss recycling at work.

Recycling at Work Continue reading “Recycling at Work 954-566-4555” »


Call To Recycle 954-566-4555

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Today we begin and important four part series on an exciting and extremely important program for recycling called “Call2Recycle“.

We are Colonial Floor Care, South Florida’s premiere floor care experts. We are committed to green homes and green renovation techniques. Terrazzo, concrete and marble are all extremely green materials. Our proprietary methods are also the greenest in the area. We are careful to use no toxic chemicals. You can breath easy with Colonial Floor care! Continue reading “Call To Recycle 954-566-4555” »


Homeowner Information – Toxic Chinese Drywall News from Colonial Floor Care

Welcome once again to the Terrazzo Restoration Blog. Often we provide homeowners with useful information even if it is not directly related to terrazzo restoration. We believe all aspects of home renovation are important parts of creating a healthy, green home. As such, whenever we come across information that is useful for South Florida homeowners, we will pass it along. We hope it helps and we hope it makes clear our dedication and commitment to helping you create the best home possible.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Today we will be discussing the much talked about Toxic Chinese Drywall that has so profoundly impacted South Florida. In a press release entitled “Toxic Chinese Drywall News”, Americas Watchdog issued a statement saying ” the toxic Chinese Drywall issue will eclipse any product defect, or liability issue in US history. The imported Chinese construction product not only corrodes or discolors copper or silver in a house, much more importantly, the product is making homeowners sick.

This product was first introduced into the US in 2001, and at its peak was used from 2003-2007. Symptoms include upper respiratory problems,nose bleeds, copper and silver that turns black, combined with “I leave the house and I feel better, I come home and I get sick again.”

If you are a homeowner and are concerned that your home might contain the toxic Chinese drywall.

As always, we at Colonial Floor Care encourage you to create a healthy, green home. Restoring your terrazzo floors can be an important part of green home renovation. Call us if we can help.


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What is Mid Century Modern? 954-566-4555

At Colonial Floor Care, the terrazzo experts, we often talk about Mid Century Modern Style. In the 1950’s there was an explosion of commerce and design, especially in South Florida. Modern style and materials were incorporated into a great housing boom. In the above video, we get a great summary of many of the elements of Continue reading “What is Mid Century Modern? 954-566-4555” »


Colonial Floor Care vs. Crystallization

Why Colonial Terrazzo Restoration Is the Best

At Colonial Floor Care, we pride ourselves not only on providing the best finished product when it comes to terrazzo floor restoration,but also the most environmentally sound methods. WE USE NO CHEMICALS when we restore your terrazzo floor! We polish your terrazzo floor with high quality, diamond metal pads and then with resin diamonds, finishing them with a non-toxic, high quality 5x polishing powder. The result is a maintenance free (no waxing or stripping), non-toxic, high gloss shine. The shine on Colonial’s restored terrazzo floors lasts from 7-14 years. It doesn’t get better than that.

Why is this important.?

Most terrazzo restoration companies use a product called “terrazzo and marble crystallizer”. This is a highly toxic chemical compound. There are many, many problems associated with using this product.

I went to a conference a few years ago, and came upon the following information. It’s from an article entitled “The Truth About Crystallization”, Dr Ing. Yannis Pomakis. It was published in the December 1999 Building Stone Institute Newsletter.

Dr Pomakis writes “The so-called crystallization or re-crystallization process is a chemical process frequently promoted for use in the restoration field, although it is totally unacceptable. This method, sold as a new process to refinish floors, is supposed to produce a more durable and glossy surface. According to its vendors, treatment of stone with this chemical will produce a shiny, hard and durable surface.

In reality, this method has only a temporary effect and as I shall demonstrate, will , in the long run, destroy the structure of the stone… Depending on the type of acid used in the crystallization agent, salts such as calcium phosphate, etc. will form during the reaction.The new surface is, however, only a few microns thick, and consists of a large amount of calcium flouride. It is indeed harder and more brittle than the original surface.

Can you imagine what a high-heeled shoe does to this surface? The question is do we really want to change the somewhat softer and fracture resistant surface to a thin, brittle one?

The sheen on the surface stems from the wax and acrylic resins contained in the formula. This is where the polish really comes from.

Because of the chemical reaction between the calcium carbonate and the acids, salts form. These salts are only partially soluble and therefore impossible to remove entirely. These salts are overwhelmingly harmful to the structure of the stone. They form new crystals which need room to expand and since the new surface does not allow enough space, tension starts to build up under the crust and eventually causes pitting and spelling on the surface of the floors.

After this type of refinishing, it is obvious that these floor surfaces are doomed and very soon require another refinishing treatment.

This is what vendors of this system have been called upon to do every six months, then monthly, then weekly and finally daily. The truth about crystallization of stone floors is that it is not an acceptable restoration method”.