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Simple Cleaning Tips for Terrazzo in Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo is basically a natural combination of marble chips as well as cement. This kind of stone also comes in different lovely colors and unique designs. However, as much as possible, terrazzo should be treated properly to prevent it from damages. As the house owner, it is very important for you to be educated in understanding what is safe for your terrazzo at home. Not only for the terrazzo but also safe for the environment.

If you choose to handle dull terrazzo alone, you can use a product but choose the safest and as much as possible the eco-friendly product. In case you are not familiar with product you are going to use, it is best to seek professional assistance. You can call a local company or better yet visit their office and speak with their experts. Keep in mind that not all product is suitable for all types of terrazzo. Of course, you do not want another problem after cleaning the terrazzo at home. Wrong solution could certainly discoloured the surfaces of the terrazzo.

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Generally, the best answer to dull marbles at home is to have it cleaned and then polished in a professional way. Moreover, you can ever go wrong in hiring the professionals instead of using do-it-yourself kits. Sometimes, even if you use a product several times still it will not do too much for your terrazzo. It could still appear dull and yellowed. Yes, cleaning and polishing are the best ways to keep the terrazzo beautiful and attractive but wrong approach could only give negative result. Thus, it is absolutely an eco-friendly procedure.

Today, polishing the terrazzo no need more chemicals but with more specialized tools and machine. The professionals can provide excellent services when it comes to treating your precious terrazzo.

On the other hand, for simple prevention tips to keep your terrazzo protected and beautiful; simply avoid contact to any liquid. When a spill just happened, be sure to remove the moisture right away. Do not allow acid to fell on the terrazzo because acid is strong chemical that can seriously damage the terrazzo.

Keep in mind that, a cleaned and polished terrazzo floor will really bring elegance to your home because of its smooth and sparking surface. Therefore, no matter what happen, terrazzo cleaning and polishing is very important for it.

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Terrazzo Floor Restoration Miami FL

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

As the property owner, it is normal for you to express your expectations when it comes to restoring terrazzo floors. Since terrazzo restoration is tough thing to do, it needs to be done by a professional terrazzo technician.

When you pulled up or simply remove any carpets, you can see some carpet tack strip holes that are left behind on the floor. Every hole you see have to be cleaned up properly but it is very important to keep the color matched as well as the cement shade. In case you discover some carpet strings in your home, you might know the pain of removing them. Remember, it is important to restore terrazzo floors in your home in most accurate and proper way because wrong treatment could result to permanent damages and cracks. Seeking the terrazzo professionals can certainly help you if you need terrazzo floor restoration projects. Aside from that, hiring the experts can save money in the long run since their works are excellent.

On the other hand, performing an immediate action for the terrazzo is also essential. Following are the basic tips on how to restore terrazzo at home.

You will need the following materials for do-it-yourself terrazzo floor restoration:

(A) Vacuum cleaner

(B) Bucket of clean water

(C) Microfiber cleaning mop or dust mop

(D) Oil soap

(E) Terry cloth


1.   Remove all the dust, debris or sand from the terrazzo floors. Ensure that all form of dirt will be removed by using a vacuum cleaner. Choose a vacuum that is safe to use even on hard floors like terrazzo floors. Do not use a vacuum that will scratch the floors.

2.   Now, get the empty bucket and fill it up with clean water. Add at least ½ to 1 full tablespoon of an oil soap. Choose the mild oil soap for your terrazzo floor.

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3.   Pour an ample amount of the oil soap solution you made directly to the area. Start cleaning the floors and the entire surface of the terrazzo by wiping it with the microfiber mop. Begin to focus on a small area at a time. Thus, keep in mind that you should also be watchful with the small pieces of debris that might get stuck on the grit of the terrazzo because it can cause damages and scratches to the floor surfaces.

4.   It’s time to dry. Wipe the treated terrazzo floor with the use of the terry cloth. Afterwards, you can also buff the terrazzo floors to help it shine and become beautiful again.
5. Rinse the mop and clean it before you move to the next area. If the solution in your bucket becomes cloudy and darker, simply prepare a new solution again.

On the other hand, for severe damages for your terrazzo at home must be handled properly by the professionals. Contact Terrazzo Restoration.Net today for free quotes and estimation.

Terrazzo Restoration

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Terrazzo Floor Repair Fort Lauderdale

How to Repair Terrazzo Flooring

Many property owners are choosing to use terrazzo for their floors and etc. terrazzo certainly add beauty to a place, home or building. By means of regular cleaning and maintenance, the terrazzo could provide beautiful ambiance for a long period of time. But, if terrazzo in your home got scathed and damaged, it loses its shine and beauty. On the other hand, there is always a way of saving them and this is through a terrazzo restoration job. Scratched surface areas can actually be repaired using a terrazzo repair kit. In between the refinishing, it is recommended for you to apply a good quality wax in a regular basis in order to protect the terrazzo stones from any further damages thus keeping it shiny and glossy.

Below are the ways on how to repair terrazzo flooring at home:

1. With the use of a good cleaner product, clean the floor thoroughly. Make sure that there are no dirt left on the area. Choose a highly formulated cleaner suitable for terrazzo stones. Choose a product that is pH balanced. Use the product and apply it to the terrazzo, following the instructions from the label or manufacturer. Then, mop the floor. Leave the cleaning solution to stay on the floor for about some minutes to loosen the dirt. Keep doing this step. If you notice that the water you are using is becoming dirty and dark, just change and prepare a new solution again.

2. To remove the old wax on the terrazzo as well as the other protective finishes, you can use a good floor stripper product. First, focus on a small area until you have finished the entire terrazzo floors. Apply an ample amount of solution and wait for at least 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, clean the area with a mop and clean water. Frequently change the water for rinsing.

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3. Fix the cracks by utilizing a terrazzo repair kit. Simple adhere to the instructions attached to the kit. The kit comes with a polymer resin that can be used in repairing cracks and divots on the terrazzo. Buy a kit that closely matches the colour of the terrazzo you are going to repair. Nevertheless, for more comprehensive approach, you will need to use a terrazzo floor grinder, a tool used to make the surfaces smooth.

4. Now, you are ready to polish the terrazzo floors. To do this, you need to use an electric floor buffer. Run the buffer and use a lambs wool pad to prevent patchy finish.

5. Put some clear polyurethane so that the floor would not absorb dirt and stains. Moreover, it is also recommended to apply some polyurethane to the floor and use a lambs wool paint roller. Simply re-roll the roller twice or thrice to avoid streaking.

6. Lastly, for high-gloss effect just buff the floor again.

Terrazzo Restoration

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DIY Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Tips

A well known type of flooring, Terrazzo comes in various beautiful designs and color schemes.  Most Terrazzo floors are composed of bits of marbles firmly set on a bed of cement. Granite tiles are also often used in Terrazzo floors. To hold them in place, installers use epoxy-based binders and pour sealers to close holes and pores, preventing water seepage that can destroy the foundation of the floor.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning is a task all homeowners with Terrazzo floors have to take seriously. This kind of floor can last a long time, but just like other floors they can be stained.  Alcoholic drinks, coffee, blood, ink, urine, grease or oil can leave ugly traces on binders and surfaces. Terrazzo binders, particularly, being porous, are susceptible to stains. Here are some causes of stains and how you can remove them.

  • Alcoholic drinks

You can remove stain left by alcoholic drinks by applying a soapy hot water. If this does not work, dab with denatured alcohol. If this still fails to remove the stain, try placing a spongy cloth saturated with hydrogen peroxide over the stain. For additional measure, you can put a cloth soaked with ammonia on top of the hydrogen saturated cloth.

  • Blood stains

Ordinary tap water should be enough to remove blood stains. But if this fails, you can reinforce the water with several drops of ammonia. When stains prove to be more stubborn, you can use warm water and powdered malt.  Wait an hour before rinsing the affected area.

  • Coffee Stains

Coffee stains cling tenaciously on Terrazzo tiles. One Terrazzo floor cleaning solution for removing coffee stains that is often recommended is a mixture of three quarters of water and one quarter of glycerin.  To apply this solution, you wet the cloth and put it on top of the coffee stains. Do not remove the cloth until it has fully absorbed or has softened the stains.

  • Grease and oil

To remove grease and oil, make use of warm water and liquid detergent.  A degreasing substance that you can buy in stores is a good alternative. You can also use any of these solutions for removing paint.

  • Ink

You can use the solution for removing oil and grease to get rid of fresh ink stains. For stains that have been on the Terrazzo for a much longer time, the solution recommended is 2 tbsp. of sodium perborate mixed with one pint of water. You whip this mixture until it turns into a paste, then, apply the paste over the ink stains.

  • Urine

Urine stains are particularly irritating because they also emit unpleasant smell. The best solution for removing them is a mixture of hot water and abrasive powder.  When this fails, you can try applying hydrogen peroxide over the urine stains, followed by ammonia.  Use a clean absorbent cloth to apply the substances.

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Professional Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

The above mentioned tips would surely help in cleaning your Terrazzo floors.  But let’s face it! There are unsightly stains that couldn’t be removed easily, thus requiring the help of Terrazzo Floor Cleaning specialists. So here we are, ready to help you.

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Terrazzo Floor Maintenance Fort Lauderdale – Terrazzo Pictures

Look Around This: Terrazzo Floor Maintenance Fort Lauderdale

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How To Hire Professionals For Terrazzo Floor Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Hiring a Terrazzo Floor Restoration Expert

Terrazzo walls and flooring are very stylish. They are very durable which possess flexibility that could match the colors and designs of your furniture. The style could be ancient (having originated in the 15th century) but could fit the taste of contemporary homeowners and businessmen as well.  So, it is only wise to partner with the best Terrazzo Floor Restoration Company especially when the need arises.

When to Restore

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If your home has a Terrazzo floor installed, you’re probably aware that it has to be cleaned appropriately and regularly.  Of course, all floors of whatever materials need to receive similar care or they would be more susceptible to wear and tear. And these would surely require untimely repairs or restorations. In the case of Terrazzo floor, simple mopping with clean cloth and water is sufficient, ensuring to maintain the original appearance for a long time.

On the other hand, no matter how durable your Terrazzo floor is, it will soon experience fading. Additionally, the tiles will crack and the adhesives will lose their potency, leading to dislodged and loosened tiles.  You might be thinking of doing the Terrazzo floor restoration on your own, but you better not. It’s a job that only an expert company can do properly, like us.

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Who should do the job?

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Given that many companies are ready to do the cleaning and restoration work,  the problem is some of them are not actually knowledgeable enough about Terrazzo floors or do not have the appropriate equipment and method to perform a reliable Terrazzo floor restoration job. In the unfortunate event you engage the services of one of these companies; chances are you will be wasting money.

We can be of help!

Whatever damages your Terrazzo floor has, we know exactly how to restore your floor back to its former state or even better. We have reasonable quotes for your restoration needs. We’ll strip floors of damaged tiles or stones, polish the tiles to remove rough edges, remove the stains caused by spills and heavy foot traffic and dye them. They will look like brand new when we put them back. We will replace tiles or stones that can no longer be repaired with pieces exactly the same as the original to ensure the floors retain their uniform appearance.

Maintaining Longevity

Terrazzo floor restoration is not effective even if it leaves your floor shiny and smooth, but does nothing to address the problems that affect its integrity. We will strengthen your floor by improving its density or through other proven means utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment.

We believe in keeping your home safe, so we only use environmentally friendly solutions and materials. Abrasive and toxic chemicals definitely have no place in our varied range of restoring techniques.

Contact us

For whatever issue you have with your Terrazzo floor, we’ll always be happy to be of service. For nearly 3 decades, we have been in the business of Terrazzo installation, cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration. To find more information about our service you can call us.


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Few Tips For Terrazzo Floor Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo Floor Repair from a Credible Company

Presently, more people want their floors to be made of Terrazzo. This type of floor has become a favorite among stylish household owners because of its attractive and sturdy features. On the other hand, despite its robust characteristic, this floor is still prone to damage thus needing Terrazzo Floor Repair.

There are many causes of Terrazzo floor damage and these include poor installation, neglect, age, and pressure from excessive loads and faulty remodeling. Damages caused by accumulated dust or dirt usually just require cleaning, but those resulting from any of the above causes require extensive Terrazzo floor repair.

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Handling damaged Terrazzo Floors

Many people treat chips, holes and cracks indifferently, content with just covering them with a rug or linoleum.  This is rather unfortunate because it won’t take a long time for the tiny holes and cracks to become bigger and eventually affecting the structural integrity of the entire floor.  Later, these people would be spending a lot on major repairs and restorations and regret their careless neglect. Some households may show a bit more concern and repair the damages with caulk, acrylic cement, or joint compound; a much better attitude than ignoring damages.

The best way to handle Terrazzo floor damages is to allow an expert repair company like us to assess the extent of damages. Did you know that along with the cracks, holes or chips, there might be even more serious damages that your eyes couldn’t see?  Experts like us have ways of determining whether the damages are serious or not.

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One thing you would appreciate with specialists like us is how we approach Terrazzo floor repair with two objectives in mind.

First, we’ll make sure that your floor recovers to its former elegance and beauty.

Second, we make ways to achieve the maintenance of durable flooring.  With these objectives, you can expect that experts like us to be completely thorough in our assessments of damages.

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 The Plus Sides of Hiring an Expert

Experts like us at Terrazzo Restoration have developed unique processes of repairs intended to solve specific damages. We have the expertise to providing solutions to every known floor damages, whether it is minor or not. Besides the pleasure of seeing your Terrazzo floor like it’s newly installed, there is another benefit of engaging a professional Terrazzo floor repair job nowYou get to save an enormous amount of money that eventually you have to spend when the damages can no longer be ignored.

One thing you have to be careful with is the company you would hire for the repair job. Obviously, all Terrazzo care providers would be unabashed in presenting themselves as the best experts.  You have to do some background checking which should be easy enough. After all, there are a lot of homes with Terrazzo floors. You can ask some of the owners.

So far, our company has made a name when it comes to Terrazzo care. We’ve been operating since 1986 and had been known for credibility, promptness and exceptional work. To know more about our services, you can call on Below Phone No.

Terrazzo Restoration