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Terrazzo Cleaning Services Ft Lauderdale

Terrazzo Cleaning

Terrazzo cleaning is the best way to maintain your mosaic floor’s great looks and lustrous shine. There are many ways you can take care of your precious and beautiful terrazzo. Clean it as often as possible to keep all the dirt off the surface. Dirt can damage the floor because it acts like sandpaper when they are collected. Stick to neutral floor cleaners as acidic or alkaline cleaners can stain or damage the terrazzo. Use a terrazzo cleaner to get the best results. You cannot use all-purpose cleaners, detergents, wax removers and soaps on terrazzo because they all contain alkali. Remember to follow the usage instructions. When you are faced with hard-to-remove soil, use a scrubbing machine with a stronger neutral cleaner solution.

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It is worth noting that dusting or sweeping daily will make weekly cleaning easier and the floor will be even more beautiful. Just make sure that there is no oil on the mop or on the sweeping compound. Oil has the capability to penetrate the sealer or surface and cause stains on terrazzo. Clean up spills immediately to avoid staining. Although terrazzo can be stain-resistant when it has been sealed properly, stains are unavoidable and can still occur.

To treat stains, you first have to consider the cause and how it can removed without causing any harm to the terrazzo. As much as possible, avoid using chemicals to remove the stain. They may work great on stains but these chemicals could cause damage to the terrazzo. The mode of action of stain removers has to be discussed. They can dissolve the stain-causing substance, absorb the stain, or bleach the stain.

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Bleach-based cleaners like hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, vinegar/acetic acid, and household ammonia discolor stains. Absorbents such as cotton, blotting paper, talcum powder and chalk absorb moist stains and fresh grease. Solvents like carbon tetrachloride can dissolve lipstick, gum and grease. When handling chemicals, remember to make safety the priority and read the label before using them.

Cleaning terrazzo floors can be done by anyone. This is why terrazzo is very popular; it is not only because it is a more practical and wiser choice as a floor but also because it is much easier to maintain than other types like hardwood or carpeting. It can be kept as beautiful as it did when it was just installed, without so much trouble.

If you want to keep your terrazzo shiny, clean and looking new and want that look to last a lifetime or two, hire a professional terrazzo cleaning company. This way, you will get the ultimate results every time. With these experts, there is no need to worry about stains and other terrazzo problems. They know exactly what to do with the dirt, soil or stain on your floor. They provide high level cleaning with attention to detail and the right products. Hiring pros means having to shell out some cash, but when you think about protecting your investment and after seeing the results, you will see that it is worth every cent.

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Simple Cleaning Tips for Terrazzo in Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo is basically a natural combination of marble chips as well as cement. This kind of stone also comes in different lovely colors and unique designs. However, as much as possible, terrazzo should be treated properly to prevent it from damages. As the house owner, it is very important for you to be educated in understanding what is safe for your terrazzo at home. Not only for the terrazzo but also safe for the environment.

If you choose to handle dull terrazzo alone, you can use a product but choose the safest and as much as possible the eco-friendly product. In case you are not familiar with product you are going to use, it is best to seek professional assistance. You can call a local company or better yet visit their office and speak with their experts. Keep in mind that not all product is suitable for all types of terrazzo. Of course, you do not want another problem after cleaning the terrazzo at home. Wrong solution could certainly discoloured the surfaces of the terrazzo.

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Generally, the best answer to dull marbles at home is to have it cleaned and then polished in a professional way. Moreover, you can ever go wrong in hiring the professionals instead of using do-it-yourself kits. Sometimes, even if you use a product several times still it will not do too much for your terrazzo. It could still appear dull and yellowed. Yes, cleaning and polishing are the best ways to keep the terrazzo beautiful and attractive but wrong approach could only give negative result. Thus, it is absolutely an eco-friendly procedure.

Today, polishing the terrazzo no need more chemicals but with more specialized tools and machine. The professionals can provide excellent services when it comes to treating your precious terrazzo.

On the other hand, for simple prevention tips to keep your terrazzo protected and beautiful; simply avoid contact to any liquid. When a spill just happened, be sure to remove the moisture right away. Do not allow acid to fell on the terrazzo because acid is strong chemical that can seriously damage the terrazzo.

Keep in mind that, a cleaned and polished terrazzo floor will really bring elegance to your home because of its smooth and sparking surface. Therefore, no matter what happen, terrazzo cleaning and polishing is very important for it.

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