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Terrazzo Polishing Services Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale

When terrazzo tiles are properly clean and polished, they give every home stunning and elegant look. Terrazzo, as a type of natural stone, is processed with many other concrete materials, sculptured and smoothed on the surface and cut into pieces of blocks. These tiles are ideal materials and could make a beautiful flooring. Aside from that, these stones are also capable of giving an illusion of space making the room look larger. Terrazzo displays a clean and hygienic surrounding. Although terrazzo tiles do not require much maintenance but it needs all the care given compared to other types of tiles. In fact, builders recommend that professional terrazzo polishing Fort Lauderdale be given at least once a year. This is the best way to retain its flooring sheen for a long time.

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Some facts you should know to maintain the beauty of your Terrazzo flooring:

1. Precautions in maintenance

You have to know that high-grade detergents and cleaning materials are damaging to terrazzo tiles. When strong cleaning agents are used, the product will remove all the gloss and luster from the surface of the tile so it will appear dull and soiled. Harsh cleaners wipe off the sealer that makes the surface appear coarse and rough. Once the surface is uneven, continuous foot traffic along the area will add to its roughness resulting to more abrasions and scratches. The most effective and harmless agent for cleaning terrazzo floors is water. To get a better result, use warm water to clean any mark, pigment or stain on the floor. If you opt to use chemicals, buy a cleaning products containing neutral PH. Choose the safest product for your stone type. Water-based sealers are highly recommended for sealing terrazzo tiles. Make it a habit to read always the label of any cleaning product you purchase and follow instructions accurately to avoid problems.

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2. Cleaning procedures

To keep dirt and dust from accumulating, you should dust and sweep the area every day. These particles are carried by foot traffic or dust from the external environment and people entering the house. Use a soft broom for cleaning once or twice a day. Immediately, mop the floor and clean with damp cloth those areas were liquid spills and water drips.

3. Buffing and polishing

Expert floor technicians carry out certain maintenance procedures that include polishing, buffing and sealer application. In the process, they use heavy polishing machines to get an even shine on all corners. Professional cleaning companies invested on high-caliber machines to guarantee that quality service is delivered to their customers. Aside from using expensive equipment, they use special substances in the process of making the floor smooth and glossy.

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Always be properly guided with the correct techniques for caring and maintaining your terrazzo flooring. By following instructions on the label, you are assured that your prized investment will be with you for years and years. Terrazzo tiles are resplendent when they are always cleaned and polished. Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale must be performed by professional cleaners to get the best result. It is only a professional who can keep these tiles in their best condition.

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Tips on How to Polishing Terrazzo in Fort Lauderdale


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Polishing Terrazzo to Get Rid of The Scratches in Fort Lauderdale

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Easily Find Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale

If you are new to south Florida you are probably starting to notice a certain type of flooring that are installed in older home. It’s called terrazzo, it is the type of flooring mostly used in commercial space because of its ease of maintenance and the fact that there aren’t any grout lines that collect dirt and grim that can possible make the floor look dirty.

Terrazzo flooring isn’t installed in Florida homes much anymore. It is very labor intensive to install so when carpet became very popular in the 70′s developers choice carpeting instead. Also, at the same time Florida homeowners where getting tired of there terrazzo floors. In that old days when terrazzo was installed the floor would we granddad down flat using very heavy machinery. At a certain point the installer would put down sealer to get the floor to become a high shine floor. Sealers and wax will turn yellow over time. So these old terrazzo floors looked dirty and people wanted change so they started putting carpet and tile over them. Luckily for the homeowner that is buying an older home that has dated looking tile floors because when the tile was put on top of the terrazzo 90% or greater didn’t acid etch the floor before putting the mortar on the floor to put the tile on.  So these tiles easily come off the floors. This is one of the reason people are thinking of buying an older home and just restoring the terrazzo floor so they can have a home with no grout lines.


if you discover your terrazzo has hundred of holes along the baseboard don’t let that discourage you from doing Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale. The process of terrazzo restoration is to match the base color of the floor then put the proper chips in the base color and then sand it down so you can barley notice that there was ever any holes. In Ft Lauderdale area colonial floor care in the the company to turn to for master terrazzo restoration. Colonial Floor care even services the Miami/ Dade area.

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