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Hello world today is monday morning May 20, 2013 and that means for our staff a early morning staff meeting. Today’s topic of discussion was to reinforce what makes Colonial the best. That is keeping the customer engaged from when we show up in the morning to restore there floor, to having the client approve the color that we will be using to fill in the holes. Also managing customers expectations, we have the heavy machinery to grind out the vast majority of stains but the truth is that these floors are over 50 years old and we don’t know the history on how the floor were maintained over the years. If a pet peed on the floor and the liquids just soaked into the floor, or if the pet peed and the homeowner wiped it up immediately. I love it when I go to a customers house and see all the old dirty yellow wax on the floor, This give me hope that it provided a protective layer on the floor so that the stains just stay on the surface, which they do in the majority of cases.

Let me use this time to eductate the reader on why there is wax on the floor in the first place.  When terrazzo was initially installed it was grinded down with metal diamond pads.  Then they used resin diamond pads to bring it to 220 grit.  220 grit, the terrazzo floor is still pours and not smooth.  At this point the installer would apply wax on the floor and the floor would have a high shine. and a couple of times a year the home owner would need to strip the wax off and apply new wax, we call it in the industry strip and wax. If strip and wax wasn’t done the floor would turn yellow from the wax aging. This is one of the key reasons that terrazzo flooring went out of fashion in Florida. Don’t forget that terrazzo is a mixture of concrete and marble chips. Terrazzo floors are very energy efficient the floor stays cool especially if it isn’t exposed to sun. If you ever met a person that grew up here in South Florida that is about late 50 to 60 in age they will tell you when there wasn’t air conditioned homes that they remember sitting and even sleeping on the terrazzo flooring because it was cool and the only source of coolness for a good night sleep. So the next time you see someone that is older that grew up here in south Florida ask this question and hear what the’ll say.  “Yes we had terrazzo flooring and it was cool and that I also hated helping my mother strip and wax the floor, LOL!”


Today terrazzo doesn’t need to be waxed in residential home living.  It still is waxed for commercial use and when they use epoxy instead of portland cement as the matrix.


Terrazzo in the home in the twenty first century, it GREEN!  Yes we all love to save money and since terrazzo absorbs the coolness from the air conditioning making the floor cold, it it keeps the house cooler. Today like I said we don’t apply wax on the floor. When we do a terrazzo floor restoration we start from scratch. We come in with very heavy floor machines grinding deep to the freshest level, that is usually done with a 50 metal diamond, which is very aggressive then work out the deep screeches with a 100 metal diamond before start using the resin diamonds to work out the scratches, making the floor very smooth. This is done by using resin diamonds up to 800 grit.  Then it is polished using 5X powder. 5X powder is a very complicated polishing technique, this is why most companies use crystallization to do the final polish look. Crystallization does give off a high shine but it requires more maintenance. 5X powder shine lasts up to 10 years on a terrazzo flooring without having to do anything but use a neutral floor cleaning to wash the floor. Call Colonial today for a free no hassle estimate

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