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Today I was looking at our scheduled jobs for the up coming week and I was impressed that we continue to be two weeks booked in advance and the third week out we only have two appointments left to fill.  When I purchased Colonial Floor Care back in 2006 from Phil Jones I didn’t realize at the time how popular terrazzo restoration would be.  Phil was an owner operator that did everything from answering the phone, do the estimate, and do the jobs.  Wow, I thought when I bought the company that I wanted to grow this company to many crews and teach the crews the terrazzo restoration techniques that Phil had hand on experience with from the pervious 20 years when he initially built the company.  Most everyone who has terrazzo flooring in South Florida is aware of colonial floor care and it’s reputation as the best terrazzo company out there that can fill in the hundreds on holes along the baseboards from the carpet tack strips and make it look like there was never tack strips on the floor.  You see this is the skill I was determined to share with more clients and I needed to grow the company with more crews so more customers could enjoy the experience of terrazzo floor restoration that Phil Jones handed down.

I have to say back in 2006 when the buyout terms was agreed to by both of us and we would become business partners for the next six month while he was training me in this new field.  I remember doing my first job restoring a floor with him I looked at him and thought what the heck did I get myself into.  Terrazzo Restoration is a very meticulous task and messy for the technician that is doing the job.  Anyway I finished my training and it was time for me to be the salesmen for the company and to learn how to undersell the expectation of doing a restoration job.  Especially since I saw the magic Phil did on the floors I thought he could do that on every job, well that isn’t the case actually.  Every job is unique and every stain is different.  I remember going to an estimate while I was in training, I would say yes we can guarantee that all stains will come out.  It wasn’t long before I was reprimanded by Phil and told me that yes we can get most the stains out and in the majority of cases we can get all the stains out.  He said never promise that we can get all the stains out because we don’t know what the source of the  stain was.  I was happy to receive that lesson from Phil and not to repeat that mistake.  I now have it written in large print on the invoice that we can not guarantee all stains will come out and I read this statement out load to every customer.  I am glad to have learned the many skills on the different methods of removing tough stains and I have passed these lessons to the crews we have now.  I continue to keep learning about terrazzo stain removal to this day.  After the many lessons I needed to learn I had the confident to sell Phil workmanship and I was able to build the company over night adding at first another crew and then a third crew while Phil and while I was still partners with Phil.  I remember when Phil was handing the torch over to me and saying “Bill we should of been partners many years ago” I found that to be a great compliment.  Phil left and I had three full time crews that was trained by him.   I would be in 2010 during the great recession that I added our forth crew.  Yes, during the great recession we are adding employees.  You see it was the marksmanship that Phil passed down and the twenty plus years that the company was in business that was to our advantage in our growth.  Our company is strong, we have a real organization.  A office manager a sales manager and four crews.  So when a potential customer calls the office for a free estimate they never get an answering machine if they do that can only mean that we have just answered another call previous to there call.

Colonial is now over 27 years old and well established.  We love what we do, many families live off the livelihood of colonial.  We don’t go through employees we actually have technicians calling us on a regular basis waiting to be part of the colonial family.  Please call Colonial floor care is you have questions about terrazzo we look forward to earning your business.

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